Billy Joel Goes Hog Wild


Photo: Getty Images

Billy Joel was spotted pulling into the new Surf Shack in Napeague with six other Harley-riding pals. The big billboard over County Road 39 reading “Slow Down, or You Will Be Shot; 35 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit Vigorously Enforced” is being taken down after complaints from outraged locals, who either didn’t get or didn’t appreciate the reference to the speed-radar gun. The Rude Hamptons nearly throws down with someone at the gas pump. State legislation is tossing East Hampton Town a $15 million life preserver by introducing a bill allowing the town to borrow up to $15 mil to pay off its deficit, estimated at $10 million. Something called the “Inter-Tribal Historic Preservation Task Force” rallied together at Shinnecock high school to heighten public awareness regarding the preservation of sacred Indian grounds. Celebrity shutterbug Patrick McMullan gamely plays along in this mockumentary trailer about “Trever,” a powerful Hamptons doorman who gets blacklisted from society. Meanwhile, McMullan’s son, Liam (he of the sex-induced migraines), is recording a dance album and will perform the songs live in the Hamptons this summer. The slow real-estate market on the East End has increased the supply of vacation rentals, as more sellers take their homes off the market and offer them for rent instead. And finally, make your vote count in the PlumTV lobster-roll poll. —Noelle Hancock