Billy Ray Cyrus Comes Up With Perfect Metaphor for Internet Gossip Cycle

Billy Ray Cyrus, sage.Photo: Getty Images

Billy Ray Cyrus appeared on the Today show this morning, and Meredith Vieira asked him, of course, about the reaction to his daughter Miley’s half-naked Annie Leibovitz photo shoot for Vanity Fair this spring. Billy wasn’t too bothered about the pictures —“It’s life,” he said, “stuff happens.” And then he said something about the ensuing media frenzy that we couldn’t get out of our heads.

The more you stomp in poop, the more it stinks.”

Isn’t that the most perfect metaphor you’ve ever heard for an Internet meme? Who knew: Billy Ray Cyrus is practically a sage.

Billy Ray Fires Back on Miley Topless Photo [People (video)]