Bloomberg and Paterson: The Claws Come Out

Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, Retrofile/Getty Images

We have to admit we were not really paying much attention to the whole contretemps over the OTB. Personally, we were kind of ambivalent about the organization — we’re no fan of gambling, but at the same time, anything that makes grampies happy is a good thing — but then this weekend it turned into a rather awesome bitch fight between Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson. First Bloomberg, who, of course, hates the OTB because he dislikes anything smelly and dirty, got all passive-aggressive with the state government on Thursday. “New York City is not going to lay off one cop, one firefighter or one teacher so that we can support a bookie operation. Period. End of story,” he said. “If the state wants to take it over, fine. I’m happy to let them do it.” Then, after Paterson pissed him off by announcing a takeover plan on Friday with no one from the mayor’s office present, Bloomie proceeded to try to cockblock the deal. Yesterday, they finally came to a resolution — but apparently, much remains unresolved between the mayor and the governor: The Post this morning has a kind of bizarre story in which an anonymous source quotes Paterson calling Bloomberg an impotent, “nasty” elitist who “can’t be trusted” and, awesomely, likening him to that “psycho” Eliot Spitzer. “He appears to be self-destructing,” the governor “says” according to the Post. Reading the Post account of Paterson’s Secret Feelings is like reading an In Touch Weekly report of a phone call between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie: It seems like it can’t possibly be true, and at the same time like it could definitely, totally be true. We just wonder how Ken Paves managed to get in there to leak it.

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