Busta Rhymes and Rob Schneider Are Friends

Busta RhymesPhoto: Getty Images

Busta Rhymes celebrated his 36th birthday at Marquee with Diddy, Cassie, and Rob Schneider. Amy Winehouse showed up at her $2 million gig for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich “in no condition” to sing, but managed to pull through after a two-hour pep talk from her handlers. Model Bruce Hulse talks about sleeping with models like Paulina Porizkova and Elle Macpherson in his new memoir. Michael Madsen is acting like a jerk on the set of his movie The Big I Am in London and may actually be written out.

Porn star Savannah Samson angered female gymgoers at the New York Sports Club on Second Avenue by going topless on the roof-deck pool. At some party in Hollywood Bill Clinton told Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson that they should vote for Barack Obama. (Related: Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother, Hunter, works for Obama, which may be why they e-mail so frequently.) Richard Dreyfuss and a friend put in some quality time with the lovely ladies of the Hustler Club Jamie Foxx talked smack about Kobe Bryant while watching the Celtics-Lakers game at the Kobe Club in Miami. Kate Hudson, Lance Armstrong, and their respective kids ate at Serendipity 3. Two of Lance Bass’s ex-boyfriends, Brazilian model Pedro Andrade and hairdresser Ben Thigpen, are now dating. M.I.A. sported a sparkly new engagement ring from fiancé Benjamin Brewer at MoMA’s party for Mike Nichols.50 Cent says that he sometimes checks into a hotel room only to find naked girls waiting for him in the closet. Paris Hilton confused paparazzi by declining to pose for pictures. Former Indochine owner Brian McNally, who now lives in Saigon, had dinner at his old restaurant. Liam McMullan, Patrick McMullan’s son, will be performing songs from his dance album in the Hamptons this summer. Tonys emcee Whoopi Goldberg scored a ton of free swag.