Can Regina Spektor Make Murray Hill Cool?

Regina SpektorPhoto: Getty Images

Carroll Gardens: Oh God, you just knew that the hood’s ironic Ivy League hipsters would retaliate against last week’s poignantly scored anti-gentrification video with an ironic send-up video of their own. But it is pretty funny, in part because they hate on Duane Reade and Starbucks, not to mention themselves, kind of. [Gothamist]
Coney Island: Click the Rev. Billy’s link for a live feed and chat capability with the Mermaid Queen, who’s on a (presumably brief) hunger strike to protest plans to drastically reduce Coney’s amusement district and build 30-story hotels instead. As of this writing, it looks like she’s kind of sleeping at the bottom of the screen. We didn’t even see her at first! Get up, mermaid! [RevBilly]
Dumbo: Last August, the cheapest condo on the market here cost $475,000. Now, the cheapest are all between $500K and $600K, but two are so badly located you can “reach out and touch” the subway, notes a commenter. That’s kind of interesting, right? [DumboNYC]

High Bridge: What is the story behind the death of celebrity hip-hop stylist Sadia Morrison, 26, whose body was found behind a building here in the Bronx last Friday? She was linked to the shooting involving NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones last year in Vegas, by the way. [Uptown Flavor and Newsday]
Murray Hill: Singer Regina Spektor’s broker goes to great lengths to explain that this hood, where she just bought a $1.1-mil unit in a nondescript postwar, is actually very hip and worthy of her inhabiting. But maybe Regina’s so cool that she really doesn’t care? Or M-Hill actually is cool now that she lives there? All things to think about on this sultry Monday. [NYO]
Red Hook: The city says that it actually desperately needs the dry dock it let Ikea convert into a parking lot, blaming its earlier, nah-we-don’t-need-it stance on outdated data. Oops! Cost of making it a dry dock again? A bil. [NYP]
Long Island City: In a bow to this historically hooker-filled hood, one renter in the new Arris Lofts will install a pole in his crib for his girlfriend, a pole-dancing instructor. Hot rod! [Curbed]