Civil Servants, They’re Just Like Us!

WeinerHumPhoto: Getty Images

Celebrity power couple Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were spotted on a sexy date at the West Side tow pound last night. Apparently the couple was there to retrieve the congressman’s politically sensitive automobile — Ford (American), but also a hybrid (green) — which he’d parked illegally on 14th Street, no doubt in his rush to get to his date with Hillary “body woman” Huma. “They looked hot and heavy,” pound officer Jerome Fartz, who processed the $185 ticket, told Daily Intel. “I overheard her saying, ‘When we get home, I’m going to debrief you.” (Not really, we made that up.) Weiner’s office did not deny that Abedin and his girlfriend were … pounding: “Anthony is a suave dater,” spokesman John Collins told one of the two Daily News reporters who recorded this scintillating news. “Taking a girl to the tow pound is just part of his charisma.”

Weiner on Hot Date at Tow Pound [NYDN]