Commentators Can’t Stop Chuckling About the Crappiness of McCain’s Speech

If you saw John McCain’s painful speech last night, you, like us, might have thought dude looked like an actor who forgot his lines during an audition for a Depends Commercial and was just winging it. Talking Points Memo compiled the reactions from commentators to McCain’s “That’s Not Change We Can Believe In” speech, and it is pretty darn entertaining. At first, they seem a little hesitant to push around the old man: “Why would he take Obama’s slogan and just sort of add no?” a befuddled Fox News commenter asks. “You’d think you’d want to develop your own theme a little more.” Then the gloves come off, and the hits start coming fast and furious. “That was awful.” “He looked old.” “That was pathetic.” “He looked awful. He was catatonic.” All interspersed with the worst bits over and over, loud audience booing, and James Carville dying of laughter at his own joke. Good stuff.

TPMtv: McCain Leaves Fox Speechless [Talking Points Memo]