Coney Island High Jinks: This Summer, Adorably Tame!

Chelsea: At the new Jade condos — which appear to be named for their interior designer, Mick Jagger’s daughter, Jade — the kitchens, bathrooms, and closets come in a glossy “pod” in the middle of the room that you can close up. Cool, but it’s still nice to be able to crack a window near the throne before you settle in on it, especially when your crib costs $1.5 mil. [Curbed]
Coney Island: As soon as the Parks Department folks drive off, the kids sneak into the ocean after hours in their underwear. Then they drag the lifeguard chairs into the water. Which actually looks really fun. Just don’t leave your litter on the beach, guys. [Flatbush Pigeon]
East Village: Local old-timers will protest Friday night in front of the newish Bowery Wine Company, on 1st Street, in part because the local Young Republicans Club plans to meet there. Republicans in the East Village!? That’s worse than Yankees in Atlanta, Scarlett! [Neither More Nor Less]

Murray Hill: This longtime snoozer–frat hell of a neighborhood is suddenly so chic that locals can afford to be magnanimous about a cute-looking homeless shelter. Now that’s gentrification! [WelcometoMurraytown]
Ridgewood: What to do when there’s no room in front of your new building for a yard? Lay in the turf vertically, around the fence! Having said that, we’re so hungry to own these days, if you gave us a unit here, we’d learn to love it. At least we’d have a terrace. [Queens Crap]
Riverdale: The Riverdale Press, the longtime independent, local weekly that won a Pulitzer for editorials in 1998, has been sold to a chain, but the entire staff is expected to remain on board. [Media Buyer Planner via Talk Bronx]
Roosevelt Island: The isle’s first day without the tram, relying solely on the subway, wasn’t as hellacious as it could’ve been, some feel. [Roosevelt Islander]