Countess LuAnn Wishes ‘Real Housewives’ Would Get Some Real Socialites

The Countess would like fancier friends, please.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

We were surprised to run into Real Housewives of New York City’s LuAnn de Lesseps — sorry, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps — at the Fred and Adele Astaire Awards at the Manhattan Center last night, but then we shouldn’t have been, since it was a social event, and she’s technically a socialite. We asked about the second season of her reality show and the rumors that producers were planning on adding a new personality to the cast. Did she have any idea who it would be? “I have a couple of friends that are thinking about doing the show, which is very exciting for me, because they’re friends of mine, and so for me it would be really exciting to have them on the show,” she said, smiling. “I hope it’s a real socialite.” As opposed to…? “As opposed to the wannabe socialites,” she laughed, adding conspiratorially, “and we know who they are.” We certainly do, LuAnn, we certainly do. —Amber Sutherland