The ‘Times’ Stops Letting Other People Use It to Get Their Message Across

Times Building Plywood

Photo: Bob Egan/The Spacefinder via Curbed

Curbed has discovered how the Times plans to keep any more crazyheads from climbing up the Renzo Piano–designed ladders that run up and down the faces of its headquarters: plywood. So flimsy and yet so powerful! Above you can see some workers installing the wooden sheets less than 24 hours after not one but two activists climbed up to dizzying and dangerous heights to get across messages about global warming and malaria and how cool they are. Now that they have been dealt with, and the Times’ building has been sealed, that only leaves hundreds of other activists and dozens of famous skyscrapers in Manhattan whose issues need to be resolved.

Times Tower Installs Spider Repellent (More Images) [Curbed]
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