‘Daily News’: Hospital Workers Who Leak Information to Tabloids Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

PadmaPhoto: Getty Images

This morning the Daily News’ “Rush & Molloy” column comes down on “dirt-diggers” who pay hospital staffers to tell them about celebrities’ medical conditions. The gossip columnists got their hands on some taped conversations between Globe editors and hospital workers at UCLA medical center, and the lack of discretion and respect afforded to these celebrity patients just made them sick. “It’s alarming that this criminal activity could go on so long without being detected,” an investigator from the case commiserated, adding that the tapes, “made my skin crawl. Nothing has changed inside the tabs.” Indeed! As if to prove him right, Rush and Molloy then list all of the celebrities named in the tapes and their “alleged” ailments. Then at the bottom of the column they throw in this nice little item about Padma Lakshmi for good measure:

The actress, culinary vixen and ex-wife of Salman Rushdie recently had gynecological surgery for endometriosis. Just out of Lenox Hill hospital, Lakshmi slipped into a gown and dragged herself to Thursday’s benefit for Patricia Velasquez’s Wayúu Tayá Foundation. Padma’s surprise auction offer of a private cooking lesson added $15,000 to the $400,000 raised for indigenous people.

Emphasis ours, although it’s hardly necessary because it kind of jumps right out at you that PADMA HAD SURGERY ON HER SNATCH. Jeez. If only they could prosecute publicists for leaking medical information. And furthermore, for grossing us out before 10 a.m.

Opening the Pipeline to the Farrah Fawcett Info Leak [NYDN]