Despite Settlement, Dead Hedge-Funder’s Brothers Still Think Wife Killed Him

Filomena and Seth TobiasPhoto: Palm Beach Post

Seth Tobias’s brothers may have settled with the deceased hedge-funder’s widow, Filomena Tobias, yesterday, but they will not, contrary to claims from her family, retract their previous allegations that she killed their brother. “There will be no retraction of the allegations,” the brothers’ attorney, James Pressly, told the Palm Beach Post importantly, adding, “I would not say that the Tobiases don’t believe that she killed him.” Huh. So … why did they settle, then? Well, obviously fraternal love. Clearly the Tobias brothers saw that not pursuing a case against the woman they think killed their brother but continuing to propagate a lurid story in which she drugged his cokehead ass and drowned him in a pool after promising him sex with a male stripper named Tiger was the best possible course as far as avenging his death. Duh. What did you think this whole thing was about? Money?

Family, widow reach deal over Tobias’ fortune [Palm Beach Post]

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