Dwarf Pimp Busted in Bed-Stuy

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Weird and sad: A female dwarf pimped a 15-year-old runaway out of her apartment here. Said a neighbor: “I didn’t know she was a pimp, but I’m not surprised.” Because little people have that pimp-y look sometimes, right? [WCBSTV]
Chelsea: There’s a new, British manager at the Chelsea Hotel, but insiders don’t think he stands a chance under the famed inn’s also fairly newish corporate management. [Living With Legends]
Coney Island: An inspector sent in by the Post said that amusement rides here (especially the Swingout, the Ring of Fire, and the Scrambler, people!) on property owned by Coney developer Joe Sitt are so dangerous they should be shut down — even though the rides passed city inspections. [NYP]

East New York: At least seven groups are putting up bids up to $1 billion for the affordable-housing complex Starrett City, including one run by former Met Mo Vaughn. Whoever buys the complex will have to keep rents low. [Crain’s NY]
Times Square: The producer of Altar Boyz says that when he called a lady at the Times Square Alliance to ask about the holdup on the fancy new TKTS booth, she hung up on him. But now they’re saying maybe it’ll be ready to open by summer’s end. [Gothamist]
West Village: Malcolm Gladwell, you already own a nice apartment in a cute old townhouse on Bethune Street, and now you go and buy another one for $1.5 mil in a cute old townhouse on Bank Street! Your Village realty spending has reached the tipping point and is now fully out of control! [NYO]