Emily Gould’s Book Proposal

Emily GouldPhoto: NYT

Oh God. We seem to have gotten a copy of former Gawker editor–recent Times Magazine cover subject–chronic-oversharer Emily Gould’s book proposal, And the Heart Says, “Whatever.” We’re not going to pass judgment, not even about the title. We’ll just tell you that it’s a first-person “assortment of semi-cautionary tales,” in the manner of Sloane Crosely’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake (her description), with chapters organized around Emily’s tattoos, and that while, Gould says, most of the stories “will have nothing to do with blogs or blog-fame’s weirdness,” about “60,000-65,000 words feels about right for the material.” (Does that number apply to the blog material alone? Unclear.) “While nothing that has happened to me in and of itself has been that noteworthy: Lots of young people have lived in big cities, and have had an assortment of strange and ordinary jobs… there are some truths about doing these things and about writing about them online that haven’t yet been expressed.” Emphasis ours. We can’t show you the whole thing — people are bidding so you’ll be able to get it soon enough, and knowing Emily we suspect she might just scan it herself — but there’s a small excerpt after the jump.