In Which Ethan Hawke Happens to Get Jury Duty on the Same Day His Ex-Wife’s Stalker Goes to Trial

Ethan Hawke, jury member.Photo: Getty Images

No, really. We thought the “Page Six” item this morning that Ethan Hawke had been in the jury pool on the same day his ex-wife Uma Thurman’s stalker went to trial was really weird. Not because we thought Dan Mangan, the reporter who saw him at court, was lying. But because Ethan Hawke is, let’s face it, totally weird, and it would be not out of the realm of possibility, we thought, that he would sneak into the courthouse to stalk his ex-wife’s stalker at his stalking trial. We just think he would see poetry in that, in his weird way. Plus, the Post said he was “smirking,” and smiling of any form during jury duty strikes us as deranged. There had to be more to the story!

We called David Bookstaver at the Manhattan Supreme Court to check. He, too, was skeptical. “‘Page Six’!” he muttered derisively. “‘Page Six!’ No, that would be too freakish of a coincidence. Couldn’t have happened. Do you really want me to spend twenty minutes checking?” We said we did, meekly. “I never read ‘Page Six,’ I am proud to say,” he muttered as the phone clattered in our ears. We heard back from him a few hours later. “Ethan Hawke was called to jury around that time,” he said. “The Post was right!” Then he added, with a grumble, “Only because they had an eyewitness. Otherwise they woulda just made it up.”

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