Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s Mom a Total MILF

We’re envious of Dupré’s genes … or are we?Photo: Anthony DelMundo/Daily News

Ever since she told the Times that her daughter the prostitute was “a very bright girl who can handle someone like the governor,” we’ve wondered what the deal was with Carolyn Capalbo, otherwise known as the mother of Ashley Alexandra Dupré. And after seeing today’s Daily News, which has pictures of Ashley and her mom gamboling in the surf down at the Jersey shore, we totally get it: She’s not strangely inappropriate and unfazed about the fact that her daughter boned old men for money — she’s just a Cool Mom! According the News, Ashley and her mom spent every day this past weekend sunbathing on the beach and going to happy-hour together, all the while wearing the same Gucci sunglasses and hoop earrings. Aw. Plus, it need hardly be noted, at 46 years old, Carolyn has the same rock-solid and completely mesmerizing butt as her daughter. The Daily News says that Ashley has been “trying hard to stay out of the limelight” lately, but after today? We think those Gastineau Girls are going to be facing some serious competition.

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