Froelich to Olbermann: I Know You Are But What Am I?

It is ON.Photo: WireImage, Getty Images

Oooh, Paula Froelich responded via Gawker to Keith Olbermann, who made her his “Worst Person in the World” last night after she wrote a mean item about him and Chris Matthews. According to Paula, Olbermann is “as infantile as he is narcissistic” and suffers from “a severe case of malignant self-obsession.”

Oh. Really? Can’t she do better than that? How about “His indignation is as believable as his snap-on hair,” or “His whining reminds me of a constipated fox terrier.” Or some such. Creative insults for both parties may be left in the comments. Let the real war of words begin!

No, You’re the Worst Person In the World [Gawker]