Harry Potter and the Lean, Mean, Skorcher Butt Machine

Daniel Radcliffe.Photo: Getty Images

Jay-Z and Governor Paterson ate at the Spotted Pig. Mary J. Blige gave a random stranger $400 so she could buy a $900 dress at the Diane Von Furstenberg store in the meatpacking district. Eli Manning and his wife, Abby, were “sucking serious face” at Wicker Park on the UES until 3 a.m. Eliot Spitzer will be named the “Ultimate Sugar Daddy” at the first annual George Burns Memorial Sugar Daddy Awards tomorrow night. Daniel Radcliffe picked up a “Skorcher Butt Machine” to tone up his bum for his impending nude scene in Equus.

Mary-Louise Parker and Adam Duritz showed up at the Tony-awards swag suite together. A pal of Denise Richards claims that she’s lying about certain things on her E! show, It’s Complicated, namely that she wasn’t friends with Heather Locklear before she started dating Locklear’s ex Richie Sambora (she was), and, bizarrely, about how many pets she has. A sweaty Brandon Davis started “yelling like a crazy person” because he had to wait to use the bathroom at 1Oak. (He also claims he’s moving to Geneva.) Arianna Huffington didn’t make a personal comment about the death of Tim Russert on her Website until Sunday because she and Russert weren’t exactly chummy. The Puppy Store on Melrose Avenue in L.A. refused to sell Paris Hilton a Yorkie because they felt she was making an impulse buy. Condé Nast is supposedly fighting with Steve Florio’s widow ,Mariann Florio, over several company payouts she’s owed as a result of her husband’s death. Lost actor Fisher Stevens helped out some drunk girl who had taken a spill in the West Village. A drunk driver crashed into the Rolls-Royce of former model agency owner Paolo Zampolli outside of 1Oak, but Zampolli got a $515,000 check from his insurance company to cover it. Céline Dion is suing the architect of her $3.2 million home on Jupiter Island in Florida because she claims he caused delays for a year because he refused to build her an octagonal room. Britney Spears hung out with the dolphins at the Mirage’s pool in Las Vegas and is now allegedly trying to sell photos of the encounter. Hayden Panettiere and co-star-boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia got cozy at some party in L.A. Cindy Adams interviews Sydney Biddle Barrows, a.k.a. the Mayflower Madam, who tells her that it’s impossible for a client to ever be guaranteed total anonymity. Liz Smith brags about how Michael Bloomberg kissed her on two consecutive evenings.