Howard Stern Is Totally Into Wedding Planning

Photo: Getty Images

Beth Ostrosky has decided to wear a Marchesa dress to her wedding, which will be in October for 150 guests. “Howard’s been so involved!” she says of fiancé Stern. The former PR man for the infamous Plato’s Retreat sex club is annoyed at CBS because he once proposed a show that is very similar to Swingtown. Adam Sandler celebrated the premiere of You Don’t Mess With the Zohan with 25 friends and his grandmother at Carmine’s on the Upper West Side. NYT police reporter Thomas J. Lueck and “Metro” reporter Anthony Ramirez are two of the latest victims of the paper’s cost-cutting measures. Patrons who paid between $1,000 and $10,000 a ticket for a New York Philharmonic benefit are annoyed that Camelot star Gabriel Byrne didn’t attend the gala. Eighty-eight-year-old Robert Morgenthau is still planning on running for reelection next year as Manhattan district attorney.

Hollywood seems to have forgiven Mel Gibson for his drunken anti-Semitic rant two years ago because he’s been offered movies by Fox and Warner Bros., among others. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have built a $140,000 nursery for their twin girls. Chelsea Handler says she likes outspoken women, like Padma Lakshmi and Jenny McCarthy, but not outspoken people who have nothing to say, like Star Jones. Jay Leno said he’s trying to think of a way to help his broke friend Ed McMahon. British chef Marco Pierre White was turned away from the Rainbow Room because he was wearing Vans slip-ons. Kate Moss “flipped out” after she was told she couldn’t bring two friends into the bathroom during an Agent Provocateur party at Milk Studios. Emily Mortimer said that she and her Transsiberian co-star Woody Harrelson didn’t see eye-to-eye on anything because he’s a hippie vegan and she’s the granddaughter of pig farmers and loves bacon. Cindy Adams says that Barack Obama actually sold his memoir Dreams From My Father when he was still at Harvard Law. Mischa Barton is now dating Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke, though he is evidently not into it.