If It’s Over for Hillary, It’s Over for Her Hamptons Cups

One of these cups is not like the others.Photo: Courtesy of the Monogram Shop

We can furrow our brows and maybe even wring our hands about what Hillary’s next move might be, but what about her cups? We’re referring to the $3 plastic cups bearing candidates’ names that have been sold by the Monogram Shop in East Hampton throughout the primary season, resulting in a heated cup-selling race on the East End. (And you know, they say no one’s ever won the White House without winning the Hamptons cup race. Okay, totally made that up. But it sounds good!) Owner Valerie Smith told us that as of last night’s final count, she had sold 2,259 cups for Obama, 498 for Hillary, and 305 for McCain. But then Obama claimed the nomination, and this morning she changed her sales tactics: “In the window display, I turned Hillary’s cup upside down, just to say, ‘This is it. She’s done.’” Burn.

As for leftover Hillary inventory, Smith says she wisely hedged her bets and ordered far fewer (like, thousands fewer) Hillary cups than she did the other candidates, so there are maybe about twenty left. And what might become of these straggling plastic souvenirs? Whatever you think of Hillary, the race was historic — and now drinking a beer out of a Hillary cup might have a lot more meaning than, say, sipping from a red Solo. Smith, who was less than pleased with Hillary’s behavior last night, disagreed: “The cups have run their course, and so has she.” Wait, we can’t even buy them for 50 percent off? “I am so mad at her, my instinct is to put them in a bucket on the sidewalk and say they’re free, but I suppose we need to be more respectful. Romney and Edwards’s cups are in the basement; she could go there.” —Jessica Coen