In Obama Endorsement, Al Gore Reaches New Rhetorical Heights

Last night, Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama in Detroit. It was, of course, a plug that was a long time in the making. Democrats for months during the primary hoped that the wildly popular former vice-president (and Oscar winner and Grammy winner and Nobel Prize winner) would assume the role of kingmaker and help them decide who to pick as their nominee. But for whatever reason, he held off until last night. His speech centered on environmental policy, though he was careful to tie in the concerns of Michigan auto workers. His green stamp is sure to help Obama with his branding as a candidate of change, but we have to say, what was most striking to us last night was the apparent effect of Obama on Gore. Was this some of the best speaking you’ve seen him do? In the above truncated clip from the Washington Post, the Goreacle is downright inspirational. Presidential, even! Maybe it’s because he himself was really inspired by Obama. Maybe he was just happy to be in front of a massive throng of Democrats again.

Or maybe he was just reveling in how good it felt to have his endorsement matter more than Bill Clinton’s.

Al Gore Endorses Obama [WP]
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