Jennifer Lopez Meets Her Biggest Fans!

Lo and behold.Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez was so charmed by the obsessive love of her 8-year-old fans at Staten Island’s P.S. 37 that she showed up at their graduation yesterday and performed a song of hers they’d been listening to for months: “Let’s Get Loud.” The kids had been really into the song ever since a teacher played the video for them in class. After that: “They wanted to watch it every day and learned all of the lyrics and dance moves from the video,” the teacher explained to the Staten Island Advance. They wrote to J-Lo’s fan club, hoping she would come visit, and yesterday at the last minute the singer did. We can’t help but wonder if J.Lo’s publicity folks mentioned to her that the kid’s ardor might have less to do with her music than with the fact that the kids at P.S. 37 are autistic and therefore sameness and repetition is like, their thing. We wonder also if it was “Hips Don’t Lie” that the teacher played on that fateful day, would it have been Shakira to received the PS 37 kids’ love? But who cares! It was a win-win situation: The kids were psyched, and Jennifer Lopez got to meet her biggest fans ever. “The kids don’t even really understand how famous she is,” the teacher confessed to the Advance. Just no one tell J.Lo that, okay?

J-Lo brings some star power to Staten Island graduation [SILive]