Josh Schwartz, Killer of Dreams

Josh Schwartz, looking into your dreams and pooping on them. Photo: Getty Images

Remember how, earlier, we told you that Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage were working on a Gossip Girl spinoff in which restless virgin Jenny would be sent to boarding school, where she would ostensibly get herself into even more compromising positions? Well. That might well have been a pack of lies. Oops! What can we say? You can't trust the media. "Not sure how this got out there, but no plans for a spinoff at this moment," Schwartz told E! Online this afternoon. "The books do have a spinoff, but we have nothing in the works right now other than making sure season two gets off to a great start." Seriously? Why, if this dude is such a brilliant writer, does he always talk like a flack? Disappointed. And wait: Maybe Schwartz is just being flacklike, because at the end of the story, hope, in the form of a "well-placed source inside the CW," rears its lovely, ringlet-bedecked head: "If the second season does as well as we expect it to, then we'll probably try to make it happen." Yes!

Exclusive! 'Gossip Girl' Boss Says Spinoff Rumors Are Not True [E! Online]
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