Landlords to Battery Park Tenants: Get Mad at Us, Not at the Walls


Photo: Curbed

Battery Park City: If the graffiti here is a result of someone’s anger, then that is not the proper way of dealing with it, and he or she should seek help to process it some other way. [Curbed]

Downtown Brooklyn: Vehicles have very little respect for the bike lane on Adams Street. Yeah, like that’s unique to Adams Street! Not. [McBrooklyn]

Greenpoint: Wow, even Miss Heather has to admit that they’re doing some nice work at the Red Shed community garden on Kingsland Avenue. And they are! [Newyorkshitty]

Harlem: A recent barrage of shootings here over Memorial Day weekend prompted an emergency summit Sunday to decide what to do about youth violence, even amid the new “gentrified” hood. [Uptown Flavor]
Midtown: A big Hello Kitty! It’s just what the Lever House yard always needed! [Gothamist]
Park Slope: Those folks who bought condos in the long-delayed Novo really want to get in there, especially the one living in a studio with a year-old child. [Brownstoner]
Soho: An independent study found that people were nearly twice as likely to pick up a penny here as they were in Williamsburg. Sentimental tourists, perhaps? Oh, and homeless people’s reaction to pennies on the ground? “Meh.” [Zoomdoggle]