Madonna’s Brother to Reveal ‘Graphic’ Secrets About Her in a New Book

Madge’s brother knows “graphic” secrets about her.
Isn’t that kind of gross?Photo: Getty Images

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone has collaborated with a British journalist to pen a “brutal,” “extremely graphic and devastating” tell-all about his sister. Dr. Drew thinks that Tom Cruise is into Scientology because he was seriously neglected as a child and feels empty on the inside. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is paying Amy Winehouse $2 million to perform at a party at his girlfriend’s art gallery.

Lorne Michaels, Michael Gondry, and The Onion were among the winners at the Webby Awards, and all gave the show’s trademark five-word speeches. (Arianna Huffington’s was, “President Obama — sounds good, right?”) The air conditioning went on the fritz during Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio’s baby shower at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Meghan McCain is rushing out a picture book for kids about her dad just in time for the Republican Convention in September. Paris Hilton shockingly cut her sister, Nicky, off after she did three consecutive shots at the Bellagio. Movie critic Richard Roeper thinks Rosie O’Donnell is “full of shit” regarding her theory that the World Trade Center was deliberately blown up on 9/11. Mayor Bloomberg’s press secretary, Stu Loeser, and his wife, Jessica, had a baby girl. Neil Diamond says he was shot under the eye with a pellet gun during a gang fight with some roughneck Prospect Park kids back in his youth. Mark Wahlberg joked that the only reason he got a role in M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie is because Will Smith wasn’t available. Model May Andersen has jumped from Kid Rock to Jason Kidd. There are evidently a bunch of gay penguins, geese, and ducks at the Central Park Zoo. Obama-ites Samantha Power and Richard Holbrooke got killed in a debate against McCain’s foreign-policy adviser, Niall Ferguson, and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer in Toronto. Producers of Project Runway are trying to bring Nicole Kidman onboard for an upcoming episode. Cindy Adams talks about the fathers of famous people in honor of Father’s Day.