‘New York Men Don’t Wear Condoms Because They Have Small Penises’

Did Spitzer start a trend? Or was he just following
the crowd?Photo: Getty Images

Well, no wonder everyone has herpes. The city Health Department, apparently newly committed to keeping us awake (and alone) at night, has followed up their blockbuster herpes study with a new one that reveals only 60 percent of New Yorkers who have multiple partners used a condom the last time they had sex. We suck at math, but even we know that means 40 percent don’t use condoms, and that’s kind of bad. But we’re not totally surprised: The city released its own branded condom. Clearly, the entire genre has been uncool for some time. But still, why are New Yorkers so casual about condom use? Isn’t this a city that lost a lot of people from AIDS? And aren’t we still? Daily Intel’s Jessica asked her friend Moe from Jezebel, who is something of an expert on, well, stuff, what the deal was.

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