Now Even Andrew Cuomo Is Trying to Give Hathaway the Hint

In less than two weeks, the movie Get Smart will hit theaters. It will be Anne Hathaway’s first major action film, as well as her first slapstick comedy. It looks to be a huge hit in the True Lies tradition, and in it (judging by trailers), Hathaway gets to fight dozens of dudes, martial-arts style (even while wearing a sexy dress), climb around on speeding trains, and shoot lots of big guns. In other words, it looks like she kicks a lot of ass. But the one ass she can’t seem to kick, even to the curb, is her longtime boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. According to the Post, the publicist-stiffing, property-neglecting, jumbo-check-bouncing, investment-wasting Italian finance and philanthropy guru has let the actress down again. State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo discovered that Follieri’s foundation, which says it distributes vaccinations to Third World children, failed to file basic tax forms. Not only is this the zillionth embarrassing thing for Hathaway to have to endure with Follieri, but she’s also slightly involved. She used to be on the board of the charity, which means that her own name could be smeared by this easily avoidable snafu. We’re kind of disappointed in the Post that they didn’t go to the obvious pun place, so we’ll do so here: On June 16, the night of her big premiere, will Hathaway finally Get Smart and show up single?