Raffaello Follieri Was Not on Illegal Drugs; He Just Had a Problem With His NOSE

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Earlier we were puzzled by the detail that, when Raffaello Follieri was arrested yesterday for fraud and money laundering, police found traces of opiates in his system. We were going to give him the benefit of the doubt — it was six in the morning when the fuzz picked him up, we reasoned. Maybe he was on Ambien or something? But that’s not an opiate. “He may have taken a mouthful of Vicodin or whatever to sleep,” Jessica Coen pointed out, adding that that would not be a great habit to have. (“It constipates you.”) But he was giggly in the courtroom and vocally protested the charges in a weird, glib way. Then he was taken to the hospital after, his rep said, “an episode.” Was he on some kind of drugs?

Well, yes, he was: Follieri’s rep told People that dude has been taking codeine, since he’s had “a sinus infection for the past three weeks.”

In the courtroom they said that he had tested positive for opiates, and it’s not the case. He was on a prescription and cough medicine from his doctors that contained codeine before retiring to bed that night. Therefore that is what his doctors told me caused his urine test to be positive.

A sinus infection, eh? Isn’t that what Lindsay Lohan had last year?

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