Richard Belzer Springs Puking Dog on MSNBC Host

This morning Law & Order’s Richard Belzer went onto MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk about animal adoption. He brought his dog, an adorable poodle–fox terrier mix called Bébe, which Mika Brzezinski immediately scooped up and began canoodling. “You’re like the dog whisperer, Mika,” said one of the hosts, as the dog sat calmly in her lap. Mika responded with a beneficent, I-love-all-creatures smile. Then a second later the dog opened its mouth and proceeded to ralph all over her. Witness the hysteria that followed — Mika, shoving the dog off her lap, trying to be cool, laugh-sobbing maniacally, Belzer breaking into song, and an artful, lingering shot of the dog standing alone and unashamed in the above video. Because what is the Internet for if not puking-dog videos?