Robert De Niro Pisses Off the Wrong Small Group of Bureaucrats

Robert De Niro

Photo: Getty Images

Movie tough guy Robert De Niro has gotten into the sissiest snafu ever with New York City. The actor, who has long been a champion of the Tribeca neighborhood, is in trouble with the Landmarks Commission for making the penthouse at his Greenwich Hotel too big. While renovating the building at 375 Greenwich Street with architect David Rockwell, the Heat star appealed to the group to approve a seventh story. They did, but “Rush & Molloy” reports that the rooftop structure that resulted (not designed by Rockwell) was way larger than he said it would be. Like any good entitled New Yorker, he asked for retroactive approval after he was done building it. And like any good entitled New York public agency, they’re probably not going to give in. Bobby! Every movie criminal knows that if you’re going to do something illegal anyway, you don’t bother asking permission at all. Could the pricey penthouse eventually get torn down over all this, “RushMo” breathlessly asks? “That,” intoned a Landmarks spokesman, “has happened.” Good line!

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