Ryan Seacrest Is Casting for Boys

Ryan Seacrest.Photo:Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest is looking to cast a bunch of mama’s boys for a new NBC reality show he’s producing. Ethan Hawke and his pregnant former nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, looked cute applying for their marriage license. Nicole Fiscella of Gossip Girl said the show might have a lesbian plotline next season. The guy who did the French-to-English translation of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly turned down a profit-sharing deal to take a flat fee of $2,300 for his work, which in hindsight was not a good decision.

Mexican resort Casa Magna, once the home of drug lord Pablo Escobar and now a favorite hangout of stars like Drew Barrymore, has been “foreclosed on” and taken over by the “Mexican Mafia.” Medical-devices reporter Barnaby J. Feder, baseball writer Murray Chass, and arts writer Lawrence Van Gelder are leaving the Times. Thom Browne is more critically acclaimed than commercially popular, given the fact that Bergdorf Goodman is still selling his spring 2006 tuxedos. Angelina Jolie’s lawyers have put out a notice that a woman pretending to be Jolie’s assistant is dispensing “fake tips” about her. Ellen Barkin giggled after a hunky bike messenger reportedly told her, “You look hot, lady.” Brigitte Bardot was fined $23,000 after being convicted by a Paris court for promoting racial hatred after she published a letter about Muslims “destroying” France on her Website. It’s the fifth time in eleven years she’s been fined. Leonardo DiCaprio and a buddy rode bikes along the West Side Highway. Sharon Bush laughed off a rumor that the Bush family paid her $10 million to keep her from writing a tell-all about her life with the president’s brother, Neil, though she said is planning on writing a memoir after George W. Bush is out of office. Comic Strip Live is trying to set the Guinness World Record for longest stand-up show by putting on 50 straight hours of comedy. Abigail Breslin said she doesn’t watch medical TV shows because she’s a hypochondriac. Dallas Cowboy Terrell Owens freaked out when his house in East Hampton was struck by lightning. Cindy Adams says that Dick Cheney is “plotting some half-arsed memoir about working with W. in DC.”