Scarlett Johansson Will Lay Her Head in Sutton Place

And what a pretty head it is.Photo: Getty Images

Coney Island: It apparently was misreported that the man who fell through the floor of Ruby’s Bar recently landed in a pile of crap. Looks like it was only dirt and cobwebs. [Kinetic Carnival]
East New York: The massive Starrett City housing project will not go the high-ticket way of Stuyvesant Town, owing to a deal brokered among the owner and government officials to keep the complex affordable. [Curbed]
Greenpoint: When the city pushed through rezoning to allow high-rises here and in Williamsburg, it promised waterfront parks in return. But so far, there are hardly any. [NYP]

Marine Park: Don’t you just love those cute little Henslow’s sparrows? Oh, wait, you haven’t seen one lately? Gee, maybe that’s because they’ve barely been spotted here in more than a decade. But that isn’t stopping the city from dropping $15 mil on this Brooklyn habitat for them. [NYP]
Park Slope: Sidewalk money-raisers for Greenpeace and other lefty nonprofits are driving liberal Slopies to madness with their cloying overtures of “Do you have a minute for the environment?” and the like. [Gowanus Lounge]
Sutton Place: Scarlett Johansson, with all your money and class, how could you leave Tribeca for a postwar here? We predict that the landscaped wraparound terrace and enclosed sunroom will not mitigate this faux pas. [NYO via Curbed]
Williamsburg: You need to talk to God, do ya? Well, don’t e-mail. Knee-mail! [Newyorkshitty]