Spotted: Actor Who Plays Gay Overcompensating by Kissing Girls in Public

Connor Paolo/Eric van der WoodsenPhoto: Getty Images

Gossip Girl’s Connor Paolo made out with his girlfriend on the red carpet at the Step Up Women’s Network’s 10th Annual Inspiration Awards. Emmy winner Larry Mendte of CBS affiliate KYW-TV is maybe the guy who hacked into fired Philly newsgal Alycia Lane’s e-mail account and sent incriminating gossip about her to “Page Six.” Mark Ronson hated summer camp because he is afraid of heights and got stuck in a top bunk.
Governor Paterson sucked down oysters at the River Cafe.

Carla Bruni says she was seduced by French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s “physique and his intelligence.” The New York Young Republican Club has declared its intent to support fellow Republican Bruce Willis’s Bowery Wine Company after some hippies protested it. The Lyford Cay Country Club in the Bahamas, where Michael Bloomberg has been sponsored for membership, prohibits jeans, cargo pants, billed hats, untucked shirts, and tank tops, among other things. The Shanghai International Film Festival is considering banning Sharon Stone for life in light of her dumb comments about the earthquake’s being karmic payback for China’s handling of Tibet. Wanda Sykes joked that Barack Obama just needs “pretty hair” to win the presidency. Brad Pitt bought a ton of expensive furniture for his new French mansion, including a $293,000 table. Guests at Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s wedding crashed Prince’s 21 Nights book party in Bel Air because he lives right down the block in the same gated community as Sheen. Tatum O’Neal says the good thing about her arrest is that it’s brought her closer to ex-husband John McEnroe and Rescue Me co-star Denis Leary. Harrison Ford turned down a fan’s photo request. Blue Star Jets CEO Todd Rome is cool with the fact that ex-wife Carole is now talking marriage with Florida governor Charlie Crist, and thus may become Second Lady. (Crist is on John McCain’s short list for vice-president.) Eighteen-year-old actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse did a shot of whiskey with some thirtysomethings at the Playboy Mansion. Cindy Adams recalls how she once mentioned to an Obama aide back in 2006 that there was “not a chance” Obama would run for president. Gina Gershon tells Liz Smith that she thinks Todd Purdam is a “sleazy liar” for his Clinton hit piece in VF. (Smith also says she thinks cover girl Angelia Jolie is “the most beautiful and interesting woman in the world.”)