Steve Guttenberg Is Very Angry

No, I was NOT the star of Mad About You! Photo: Bauer-Griffin

You’d think that Steve Guttenberg would be delighted to still be recognized on the street — practically all he’s had on his docket since Three Men and A Little Lady is the sure-to-be-crap Major Movie Star with Jessica Simpson. But yesterday, when a paparazzo snapped Guttenberg jogging on the Upper West Side, dude went completely and fully ape shit, attempting to grab the camera, punch the photographer in the face, and generally making things much worse by ensuring that every photograph that the agency retained would be (a) deeply unflattering and (b) profitable. The question is this: What pissed Steve off so much? Did the pap catch him trysting with an adult Mary Bennington? Has Steve, as the Superficial suggested, been partaking of the Roger Clemens juice? Or worse: Did the pap mistake him for Paul Reiser? We can’t wait for the obligatory explanation-apology on this one.

Steve Gutenberg Still Alive, Also A Dick [The Superficial]