Weather: Strong Winds With a Chance of Muffie Potter Aston

Muffie buffeted by strong breezes.Photo-illustration: Getty Images

The city’s Department of Buildings sent out an advisory this morning about a weather forecast predicting “gusts of high wind up to 40 mph for the New York metropolitan area through Monday.” The agency, under the gun lately for, among other things, a cranes inspector allegedly on the take, wants us to know that they’ll performing spot checks to make sure construction sites have secured their equipment during the forthcoming storm, and they suggest people at home hide their gas grills and propane tanks and secure their retractable awnings. But so far, no one has said a word about the other problem, that of the skinny models and socialites. Whose job is it to secure them in the event of a wind storm? We saw Muffie Potter Aston recently, and really, just one light breeze and she’d be airborne. And Lydia Hearst! Good God. Until Anthony Weiner writes a bill demanding something be done, we’re all going to have to work together to solve this problem. If you see a flying socialite, be sure to hold her down until help arrives.

Winds of Death Approaching [Curbed]