Swedish Fishing: The Wait for the Red Hook Ikea Opening

If any of you have an Ikea Ektorp sofa, you know just how solid (and mysteriously sturdy) its presence in a tiny New York apartment can be. So you’ll understand why people have been waiting in line for the opening of the Red Hook Ikea tomorrow. The first few dozen people get a free one! If you are one of the many thousands who haven’t ever owned your own Ektorp, then you’re probably wondering why the Starck people would want to line up for the chance to get some discount dorm furniture. It’s no iPhone, after all. And the Red Hook Ikea isn’t even really that much closer than the outpost in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

We sent our Sophie Donelson to talk to those stalwart consumers and see whether it was worth the wait. (Predictably, Swedish meatballs have something to do with the answer.)

Street Level: Waiting for Ikea [NYM Video]
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