The Spitzer Family to Vacation in Southeast Asia

Spitzer Family

The Spitzer family in 2006.Photo:AFP

It’s been a tough year for the Spitzer family, to say the least. Now that the legislative session is coming to a close, and he’s no longer responsible for steamrolling lawmakers into achieving reforms anyway, papa Eliot is taking the whole gang on a summer vacation. On Monday, according to sources, the disgraced ex-governor, wife Silda and their three girls will depart for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. A spokeswoman for the Spitzers, Anna Cordasco, confirmed the trip and said the family was going to Southeast Asia but didn’t know the specific countries. Spitzer is still under investigation by the Feds and could potentially serve jail time for using the services of an international prostitution ring and money laundering. Recently, other members of the ring have pleaded guilty to federal charges and are expected to serve as witnesses for the government if Spitzer is indicted. But the Southeast Asia trip was Spitzer’s eldest daughter Elyssa’s idea, Cordasco said. And yes, after ten days or so, Spitzer is planning on returning to the United States. —Geoffrey Gray