Tricia Walsh-Smith Will Force You to Pawn Your Cat If You Cross Her

This morning, “Page Six” directed us to Tricia Walsh-Smith’s latest YouTube video. In it, the estranged wife of Shubert Organization president Philip Smith delivers one of her standard ire-filled monologues. But this time her rage is directed at one Mary E. Allen, the videographer who shot and edited Tricia’s original rant. Click above to view; the highlight is definitely the part where she warns that Allen will have to pawn her cat. The title card at the end of the film (written in that special Walsh Smith font that we’ll call Sans Sanity) reads, “WILL ASSHOLE STOP TRYING TO STEAL FROM TRICIAOR WILL TRICIA HAVE TO FORCE ASSHOLE TO PAWN HER CAT.” Bless her. She really amped it up this time.

But for a real innovative spin on the action, see the video after the jump. In it, Willie from West Virginia does his best Tricia impression. It’s really the ad-libbing about the dead father that makes it.

Tricia Rages at Video Maker [NYP]
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