Weird Smoke at 28th and Park

Smoke at the 28th Street 6 Station?Photo: Getty Images

We’re hearing that there’s “weird smoke” billowing out of the 28th Street 6-train stop. The entrances are roped off, there are fire trucks everywhere, and the MTA is suspending service owing to a “smoke condition.” Might it be related to the mysterious smoke-without-fire at the historic James A. Farley Post Office building, on 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue, last night? If so, we seriously hope it’s just J.J. Abrams doing some kind of marketing shit for Lost.

UPDATE 4p.m.: Solved! Well, the Post Office at least: “Apparently insulation on an electrical cable caught fire.” [AP] Service Alert [MTA]
Fire investigation at historic NYC post office [Newsday]