Would You Want to Live in the Same Building As the Cast of ‘The Real World’?

Trishelle, a.k.a. “Trashelle,” from The Real World:
Las Vegas
.Photo: Courtesy of MTV

BoCoCa: We feel very architecturally unprogressive — almost reactionary, frankly — saying this, but don’t you kind of wish that all new development in fairly historic neighborhoods quietly blended in the way this newly finished Two Trees job does (well, sort of, anyway)? Do you think we’re design Facists? [Lost NY]
Downtown Brooklyn: The new BellTel lofts think they’ll attract buyers by telling them that it’s where the next cast of The Real World will be living. Good luck with that. [Curbed]
Forest Hills: This popular local blogger will temporarily ban anonymous comments because they’ve been getting “a little too unruly, creepy, abusive and racist” about things like “the threat black people pose to Forest Hills” or “whose mother is a whore.” [Forest Hills 72]

Lower Manhattan: A big meeting Monday to go over progress on the redo of ground zero will conspicuously not come with a timeline for the famously feud-y, dragging project. But at least you can see a few subterranean floors of the Freedom Tower popping up! [NYS]
Red Hook: The first Sunday Ikea was open here, 810 cars went down Bay Street, which connects the store to the BQE, compared to 235 the week before. The Brooklyn Paper knows, because they stood there and counted! [Brooklyn Paper]
Ridgewood: Environmental concerns are only partly responsible for City Comptroller Bill Thompson’s rejecting a $3.3 million city contract to turn a part of Ridgewood Reservoir into sports fields. [Queens Crap]
Upper West Side: It’s a sad, gentrified day when you read about a guy apparently trying to smoke the coke off a dollar bill in the subway and your wish that he get the help he clearly needs is undercut by a quietly happy murmur of Bush I–era nostalgia in your tummy. [East Village Idiot]