Becoming a Minority Has Not Made Lesbo-han More Tolerant

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson hold their
breath while approached by a homeless man on the
streets of Manhattan.” Thanks, WireImage.Photo: WireImage

Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, spent a lovely day together yesterday. They shopped at Chanel in Soho and lunched at Bar Pitti. Their luxurious stretch of consumption was only briefly interrupted, when a lurching and scary homeless man appeared out of nowhere! And he was so stinky! They giggled and held their noses. Then Lindsay thought to herself: “If I weren’t rich and famous and pretty, then I would be lurching around, all mentally disabled and drunk and riddled with gout, just like this bum.” Just kidding! Of course, she didn’t think that. Ha! After that, they went to Gemma.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s Romantic Day in N.Y.C. [People via Gothamist]