Bon Jovi Teases Mayor Bloomberg, Still Gets to Perform in Central Park

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and Jon Bon Jovi announced that the Jersey rocker (now a resident of Manhattan) would be one of a select handful of artists to play Central Park. On July 12 he will take over the Great Lawn and perform for free for 60,000 fans. The tickets will be distributed starting tomorrow at baseball stadiums throughout the city, as the event is co-sponsored by Major League Baseball. Some protest groups are up in arms because they were told they were not allowed to assemble on the lawn during the 2004 Republican National Convention for fear of damaging the grass.

In the above video, Bloomberg and Bon Jovi announce the concert together. Watch as Bloomberg makes some bad baseball jokes and then mispronounces the name of Art Garfunkel, one of the only artists to perform previously on the lawn (and one of Bloomberg’s neighbors on 79th Street!) and Bon Jovi mercilessly teases him.

We wonder if Diane Lane, a native New Yorker and former girlfriend of Bon Jovi, will be in the audience. Did you know he wrote “You Give Love a Bad Name” about her? That’s your fun fact of the day.

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