Breaking: Fugitive Hedge-Fund Manager Samuel Israel III in Custody

IsraelPhoto: AP

Samuel Israel III, the hedge-fund manager who fled a twenty-year prison sentence last month by faking his own suicide (he scrawled “Suicide Is Painless” on the hood of his car, left the car on a bridge over the Hudson, and escaped in a tricked-out RV) turned himself in in Massachusetts this morning.

He surrendered at 9:30 this morning,” said Peter Coe, dispatcher with the Southwick police, who referred further questions to the U.S. Marshals service. Israel surrendered in Southwick, about two hours’ drive west of Boston, he said.

Dude, honestly? That’s, what, a four-hour drive? You had three weeks. Anyway, he’s in federal custody now. Updates on his lost weekend to come!

UPDATE: “Mr. Israel was talking to his mother on the phone when he walked into a local jail and surrendered to the United States Marshals task force, a spokeswoman for the marshals said.” Who’s the hero? Mom. [NYT]

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