Cityfile: A Who’s Who of New York, Right Down to Spitzer’s Daughter’s Prom Date

Spitzer Family

Not from prom night — this picture is from before the whole prostitution scandal. For the prom-night pics, you’ll have to head to Cityfile. Some weak, shameful part of us still feels sorry for the Spitzer kids.Photo: Getty Images

Today the newly launched Website brought itself to our attention with a spectacular set of photos. It seems that the site, which creator Remy Stern hopes will be a comprehensive who’s who of prominent New Yorkers, has intercepted the prom photos of Elyssa Spitzer, the daughter of disgraced governor Eliot Spitzer. Perhaps this spring, as all of the hysterical hooker mess was unfolding, you took a moment to imagine what it would be like for young Elyssa’s prom date, having to meet Eliot just before whisking his daughter off to a night full of balloons, bad food, and McClintock-mussing. Well, imagine no longer, because the perilously awkward moment is caught forever on film.

There’s a lot more on the site, including profiles of some of our favorite people, like Julian Schnabel, Lydia Hearst and Muffie Potter Aston. Over at Gawker, Nick Denton expects it to be very useful for young bloggers who have no sense of New York history. Here at Daily Intel, we’re just psyched someone else rounded up a list of every important dude in the city who is fat, so we never have to.

The Spitzer Prom! [Cityfile]