Hey, iPhone 3G Owners: It’s Not Quite Time to Be Smug

iPhone guy

This guy is about to be disappointed.Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, as we speak, there are about 1,900 people on hold with Apple customer service, because so many people are trying to activate their new iPhones at the same time and the server is consequently overloaded. According to Engadget, Apple has confirmed their activation server is down. They’re encouraging people to take the time to go home and try to get started, so that everything doesn’t happen in the morning all at once. If you were trying to switch from an old device to a new one, you may be without a phone for part of the day.

We tried to contact our own IT guy, who was first in line at the Soho store, to see what his experience with the new phone has been. But we couldn’t reach him. Uh-oh.

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