How to Succeed in the Offensive-T-shirt Business by Really, Really Trying

Doron Braunshtein a.k.a. Apollo Braun, loves
pushing the “envelop.”Photo: Getty Images

Step 1
Doron Braunshtein, a meek Israeli T-shirt boutique owner who calls himself “Apollo Braun,” puts out a “Jews Against Obama” T-shirt. For extra incoherence, the boutique’s window pairs the T-shirt with a Palestinian kafiyeh, a bullet belt, and a Primo Levi book. An editor at this magazine is quoted in the New York Sun calling the display “nauseating.”

Step 2
Braun ups the stakes with “Obama = Hitler” T-shirt. No press pickup follows.

Step 3

From: Apollo Braun
Subject: Apollo Braun Loves You
Dear [New York editor]!
how are you? can you or any one else in ‘new york magazine’ write somthing about me and my art? even somthing really bad? please let me know. i love to push the envelop and i’m affraid that not enouth pepole are doing it those days…
thank you!
apollo braun

Step 4

Step 5

Bloomberg is the number 1 enemy of every true artist who is living today in New York City,’ says pop artist and fashion designer, Doron Braunshtein aka Apollo Braun, who launched today a new line of T-Shirts which are bearing the slogan ‘Bloomberg=Hitler.’ Each T-Shirt costs $129.
Lauren Levy
Apollo Braun’s Publicist

Look, it totally worked.
— Michael Idov

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