Ikea Buses for All — Even Recovering Heroin Addicts!

Carroll Gardens: Amid the absolute hysteria breaking out in genteel Brooklyn hoods over the influx of increasingly aggressive raccoons, leave it to one CG-er to “wholeheartedly welcome the raccoons to the neighborhood.” Let’s hope a feral one doesn’t eat your baby! [Curbed]
East Tremont: Sixteen pit bulls were rescued in the breakup of a longtime dogfighting ring run out of the basement of a man with a wife and three kids. Some of them might have to be euthanized because they’re too vicious. (The dogs, we mean, not the kids!) [Mt. Hope Monitor]
Park Slope: Do you think it’s unfair that a bunch of Slope parents were busted for having an open bottle of wine at their very civilized Prospect Park picnic when the surrounding scruffier beer drinkers were allegedly left alone? Or perhaps you think it’s a perversely funny bit of class backlash on the cops’ part? [Gowanus Lounge]
Prospect Heights: Atlantic Yards haters have appealed a State Supreme Court rejection of a proposed brand-new environmental-impact analysis of the epically controversial project. [Curbed]
Red Hook: If ever we resented Ikea invading the hood, it’s been neutralized by news that a big chunk of riders on its free buses and ferry aren’t even going to the store — and some are going to a methadone clinic! It’s all so…Scandinavian! [NDYN & NYM]

St. George: This part of Staten Island, right where you get off the ferry, is the new Williamsburg. Well, that’s what some graffiti there says, so it must be true, right? [Gothamist]
Stuyvesant Town: Hey, you. Yeah, the one who stole your neighbor’s laundry from the laundry room. You have been identified — on videotape! And you have one week to return the clothes, or you’re going to jail for the weekend. Now, as for that pot smoker whose smoke is drifting into the next apartment… [Stuy Town Lux Living]