OMFG: Jay McInerney to Appear on ‘Gossip Girl’

Josh Schwartz with Jay McInerney and Curtis Bashaw at the Beatrice Inn last night.Photo: Getty Images

Last night at an after-party for Step Brothers Matthew Settle RUFUS, as he is best known to fans of Gossip Girl, casually told the Observer that Jay McInerney was going to appear on an upcoming episode of the show as Dan’s mentor. Now either Rufus is extremely clever and knows just exactly how to yank the Observer’s chain or our fall just got a whole lot awesomer. Is there a human being alive better suited to this role? Will Tama Janowitz also make a cameo? We can’t even take it. Someone, please, fetch us our smelling salts.

Jay McInerney to Make an Appearance On Gossip Girl [NYO]