Justin Long Rebounds With Kirsten Dunst

Photo: Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst paid a visit to the Bowery Hotel to visit Emile Hirsch, and then was “all over” Justin Long two days later. Billionaire Manhattan hotelier Patrick Denihan harassed a couple who set up shop on a public beach near his house in Bay Head, New Jersey. “We were perfectly well behaved,” said the dude. “I was listening to Garrison Keillor on my iPod and my girlfriend was reading The History of the Depression.” Maxim is making up for calling Sarah Jessica Parker the “Unsexiest Woman Alive” by naming her its “Unexpected Crush” in the August issue. Jimmy Kimmel told Howard Stern that his breakup with Sarah Silverman was “mutual” and that he’d “lost his best friend.”

None of the parties in the South of France got covered last weekend because every reporter was camped out in front of Angelina Jolie’s hospital. Mike Nichols got coronary bypass surgery but is doing fine. Heather Mills is looking to spend $1 million on a house in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills, but only $1 million and not a cent more. Matthew McConaughey, who just finished producing Surfer Dude, is looking to start his own record label. Derek Jeter hung out till 4 a.m. with flame Minka Kelly at the roof deck of Hudson Terrace. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is supposedly dating 22-year-old actress Amanda Bynes. Al Reynolds has taken to YouTube to declare that he is “not a homosexual,” but it’s probably a publicity stunt because he’s trying to sell a book about finance. Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, who had been drinking two bottles of vodka a day and had fled Britain for Ireland with a 19-year-old Russian cocktail waitress, returned to his wife and checked into rehab. Daniel Boulud has announced the semifinalist teams selected to represent the U.S. in January’s culinary Olympics, though the best the Americans have ever finished in the contest is sixth. Andy Dick was arrested after groping a 17-year-old girl outside a chicken-wings joint in Murrieta, California. Vanity Fair contributing editor Alex Shoumatoff was arrested for breaking into the elite Bohemian Grove club in San Francisco. Boy band Menudo was kicked off a recent Delta flight to Knoxville after a flight attendant accused one of the members of having “attitude.” “Rush & Molloy” has a rundown of all the “edgy” jokes John McCain has been accused of telling, including one from 1986 about a woman falling in love with a gorilla after forcible sex, and the infamous 1998 joke he told about Chelsea Clinton.