McCain Campaign Makes Awkward Anti-Obama Video

Someone at the McCain campaign edited together this video from TV clips thinking that, all together, it would be rock-solid proof of the media’s forbidden Obama lust. But, really, it’s just hilarious. Chris Matthews’s “I got a thrill up my leg” line is in there, as well as footage of NBC’s Lee Cowan being wowed by Obama’s Philadelphia speech and a bunch of reporters clamoring like ninnies for the Democratic candidate’s attention. Damning! Not really. The point the McCain campaign is trying to make is rather undercut, since (a) as Jeff Bercovici at Portfolio points out, the videographer also makes liberal usage of footage of conservative talking heads Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough, and Lou Dobbs talking about how enamored the media is, even though, DUH, they are the media and, clearly, they are not enamored and (b) reporters always clamor like ninnies, as that is their nature. Oh, and (c) Ed Rendell is a jerk, and everyone knows that.

All in all, the video mostly just proves that McCain is really awkwardly jealous of Obama and also — we’ll just say it again — old, because the whole thing is set to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’$2 1967 hit, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” Though we suppose we should at least be happy they didn’t set it to “Gangsta Love” or something, because that would have been a real misstep.

Death of a Meme: The Media Loves Obama [Mixed Media/Portfolio]